The CMMBTFF’s first fashion photoshoot for 2013 was kicked off with the ‘Face of’ Campaign. The campaign was to create a series of bespoke fashion photos which would be used for the branding of this years much anticipated event.

Wanting to play to the team’s creative abilities and also the 2013 theme “Elements – Wind, Water, Earth and Fire’, the team came up with the concept of movement. This was portrayed through various mediums including wind, textiles and coloured powder.

The photoshoot took around 12 hours from beginning to completion, including hair, makeup, wardrobe and styling. The creative team behind the shoot had an awesome time and it allowed each person to push the boundaries of their individual industries.

  • Photographer – Matthew Gianoulis
  • Model – Kiara Cooper (RFT Models)
  • Hair – Cindy Walker (Ave Hair) & Troy Thompson (Reds Salon)
  • Make Up – Kim Baker (Boheme Beauty)
  • Stylist – Tyler Guides
  • Designers – SHARNEE, ElandTino & Tyler Guides
  • Videography – Tania Clarke 
  • Assistants – Tanya Brown & Katrina Boultwood

Behind the scenes 'Face Of' TFF 2013