The Townsville Fashion Festival presented by Escape Travel is run by a dedicated team of fashion lovers.

Event Directors 

Christina Papadimitriou & Claudia Williams– Wearable Art - Friday 26 May

Matthew Gianoulis - The Runway - Saturday 27 May

Michael Mesiti - On Trend Expo - Sunday 28 May 

Event Production

Tom Aubrey - Production Manager

Elise Campbell - Volunteer Coordinator

Marketing & Sponsorship

Madonna Simmons & Tanya Brown – Marketing and Sponsorship Coordinators

Stefi Klein Miloslavich & Ifrah Mahmood - Graphic Design Coordinators

Tracey Martin - Social Media Coordinator


Julia Johnson  - Head of Design Committee 


Drosia Parliros - Head of Model Management Committee

Hair & Makeup

Daniella Brooks - Head of Makeup Committee

Michael Mesiti – Head of hair Committee


Kevin Chung Tie, Marion Heath & Narelle DelleBaite - Photography Coordinators

Accounts and Legal

Cynthia Iafano - Accounts



Event Director Profiles 


Christina Papadimitriou

Business Name: Christina Papadimitriou Photography & Design

Current position in TFF:

  • Event Director – Wearable Art Townsville - Friday 26th May 2017


  • Regional Coordinator – Apex Australia Teenage Fashion & Arts Youth Festival (AATFA)

Number of years in TFF:

2 years as a committee member. I was involved in the festival as the coordinator of the Wearable Art & Photography exhibitions in 2012 and 2013.



Previous Positions held in TFF:

  • Project Coordinator – Wearable Art & Photography project (2012, 2013, 2016)

  • Project Coordinator – Wearable Art runway parade (2016)

  • Regional Coordinator – Apex Australia Teenage Fashion & Arts Youth Festival (AATFA) (2016)

  • Head of Photography (2016)

Purpose behind volunteering for the TFF:

TFF is an opportunity for creatives (of all ages) to showcase their work and be involved in a community event. This is especially relevant to me as an Art & Photography teacher where my students, (and students from other schools), participated in the Wearable Art parade on the Runway, as well as the Wearable Art & Photography photographic exhibition held in Castletown last year. My photography students also gained valuable experience photographing alongside professional and emerging photographers to capture all the great moments of the 2016 week-long Festival.

 As the Regional Coordinator of the AATFAs, I am grateful for the support of the festival in allowing the AATFAs to run as part of their event. The TTF is a fantastic opportunity for local students to have their work viewed by hundreds of people in a professional environment.

 As a director of WAT, I am pleased that TFF is continuing to grow, and has welcomed the inclusion of the WAT event as part of the overall festival.



Claudia Williams

Business Name: llani Creative

Current position in TFF:

  • Event Director – Wearable Art Townsville - Friday 26th May 2017

Number of years in TFF:

2 years 


 Previous Positions held in TFF:

  • Designer on the catwalk for the last two years

  • Wearable Art Coordinator

  • Judge for the AATFA

Purpose behind volunteering for the TFF:

As an artist, designer and educator I am passionate about sharing and fostering the creative arts, especially so close to home. Townsville has a major art hub with so many creative talents busting to showcase their work and talents, TFF is a fantastic opportunity for those talented creatives of all genres to create, network, develop and flourish.  I am thrilled that WAT (Wearable Art Townsville) and the Townsville Fashion Festival will showcase the many creative talents within Townsville and surrounding regions over this year’s event.



Matthew Gianoulis

Business Name: Matthew Gianoulis Photography & Designn

Current position in TFF:

  • Event Director – Runway Event - Saturday 27th May 2017


Number of years in TFF: 

Number of years in TFF: Since inception in 2012 - 6 years > 5 festivals


Previous Positions held in TFF:

  • Head Graphic Designer

  • Management Committee Board Member

  • Photographer

  • Front of House

Purpose behind volunteering for the TFF:

The purpose I volunteer for the Townsville Fashion Festival is to put on a world class event for our City which compares with our southern counterparts! We have proved over the years that Townsville can have great arts/fashion based events! The festival is also a great way to network and communicate with the wider community. It also gives you opportunities to collaborate creatively with other people in the industry. 



Michael Mesiti

Business Name: Paraskevi School of Hairdressing 

Current position in TFF:

  • Management Committee Board Member

  • Event Director - On Trend Expo - Sunday 28th May 2017

  • Head of the Hair Committee

Number of years in TFF: 1 year




Previous Positions held in TFF:

  • Hair and Makeup Project Coordinator - Wearable Art Runway Parade

Purpose behind volunteering for the TFF: 

TFF allows all creative minded people in our community to come together and create something special in fashion, hair and makeup and that's why I am a part of it! What the festival does for Townsville and North Queensland is something that I have never seen before as I have come from Sydney and have seen some amazing projects but TFF sets itself apart from any thing I have seen before and been a part of and I truly believe in what we stand for as a community and what TFF stands for and feel so honored to be a part of the event and project!!